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June 6, 2012
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Pseudo Warmonger by Party9999999 Pseudo Warmonger by Party9999999
Another Poster against war with Iran
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the iranians are fanatics, yes, but we should understand that they are not occidentals. We as europeans try to bring reason to all aspects of our lives, even religion. Our civilization came to the world in Grece, with the ancient philosophers. The christianism (traditionaly the occidental faith) was a component just like the roman law, but our primary essence is the rationalism, the doubt, the questions.
But the arabian civilization as we know it, came from the Islam, their religion. They haven't any doubt, they have the Alla's Truth. We came from reason, they came from faith.
We can understand the inexistence of God, even the people who believe in God use the reason and question some points of their creeds.
They, just like their ancesters, have grown up knowing that Alla is the only truth, even their liberals are faithful muslims.
We should't go to their land and give them our lifestyle and force them live as europeans, or worst, as capitalists. For that reason, they are scared, for that reason they act like assasins, they don't want forget what they are.
very good. i agree
damn right.
funny !!!!!!! :lmao:
thanks for the kind description
I agree.

But on the other side, we must NEVER forget Iran is a far right religious reactionary state. Ever never.
TransformerRobot Sep 21, 2012   General Artist
If war against them won't work, what will? If we don't do something soon they'll destroy us all.
to transformerrobot:

yes my friend. we want war, And that's why America is everywhere in the world. even in internet, emails, messages and call phones of Europeans. do u know Edward Snowden? u can ask him. we will destroy u all???America was and is fighting everywhere. in Vietnam, Korea, Latin America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya... everywhere and we will destroy u all??? many years with the Europa were supporting dictators in Latin America and middleeast. 8 years America with the Europa were supporting Saddam Hussein against Iran and u say we will destroy u all??? as an Iranian,ask you do me a favor: every morning, before opening your eyes and your ears, think about what you have reached and will. plz do it for me. then u see the world is better place for live. god bless u.
TransformerRobot Jul 3, 2013   General Artist
At least America didn't deny the Holocaust.
and it cover all of the violence and aggression history of American and Israeli militarism? i don't think so.
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