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Class System Incentives by Party9999999 Class System Incentives by Party9999999
Incentives? More like a threat.
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It is funny how the work of the rich is placed as so much worthy than the poor,
when they do so much less physical work and have more leisure,
and in reality could be replaced much more easily than any working class person.
Give anyone a ton of money, and some schooling on how to handle it, and you will have wealth.
But I would love to see the rich switch places and do physical work everyday for the rest of thier lives.
Sovietwerewolf88 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
capitalism is nothing more then a cancer
GoldenWolf95 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That is a load of bull shit
Zucca-Xerfantes Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh bull.

In America, you have TWO YEARS before a bank is allowed to begin foreclosure. And that's only if not a single payment has been made in that time.

I'd ask you to provide citation and examples of each of these instances, but for even if you bothered, I have three rebuttal citations waiting for each. 

That last one in the *Poor* category is especially stupid since it's non-quantifiable, hyperbolic and inflammatory.

And Leftists are just as guilty of the stuff laid on on the left side of this thing as Right-Wingers are. Need I go into Warren Buffet's inefficient and dangerous transportation of oil by rail which is the *true* reason behind Obama's denial of the Keystone Pipeline? Or perhaps all of the 'Green projects' that have gone belly-up, into which The Left poured *billions* of our dollars? Maybe you'd like me to delve into Barney Frank's atrocities via Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

You can't assign crimes to certain political parties as a matter of fact.

Criminal acts, abuse of the poor and corruption knows no party boundary. And don't you even *try* to continue the lie about 'Well, one party lies more than the other...'

It's a lie no matter who says it. As far as I'm concerned, both are becoming rotted. We need something more akin to British Parliament in this country with numerous parties representing more specific interests. And *NO* dynasties like Clinton, Bush or Kennedy. NO lifetime jobs. NO terms greater than four years.

It's a disgrace, what's happening now, and lies like this only add to the 'tail-chasing' futility.
MissMuffinTop Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014   Writer
Can I agree with you on the economics without agreeing to Communism? 'cuz I's an anarchist. :3 So like, I'mma disagree hard with over-reaches of authority.
DeltaHD Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
fchs219376 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
that could just be because one party is motivated by expansion and the other party is motivated by maintenance
fchs219376 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
along with that one party has more power than another, though that's because of their goals have put them in a position to expand on their goals
lichtie Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014

A Dedication to J.C. and K.M.


One, a Radical, Socialist Rabbi.

Believed by some to be the Son of a god.

The other a Radical Socialist Political Thinker and Writer.

Who liked a beer or two or, perhaps even three.

Both with beards and long hair.


Both mocked in their time for their views.

Against the Ruling Class(es) of their society.

One kicked over the Money Changers tables.

The Market Traders of their day.


Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews



The Senate and People of Rome.

Always a Ruler and a Ruled.


The other wrote Das Kapital.

A treatise against on the horrors he saw, present and forthcoming.

Of the inequalities of Capitalism and the Industrial Age.

Of how the wealthy and powerful controlled the poor and powerless.

 The theory of Capital and the Free Market run mad!


Would Adam Smith Laugh or Weep?

Would Galbraith and Keynes shout: “I bloody told you so”?

The money lenders are still there.

In Temples of Glass and Steel.

 Still buying and selling, the Rulers, the interchangeable Political Class.


A Red Star.

A Hammer and Sickle

Uniting the Rural and Agricultural with the Scientific and Industrial

One in harmony with the other.

For the benefit of ALL.

The People, the Workers, the real producers of the wealth of the nation,

Mere replaceable parts in the huge and cold Industrial machine.

That blocks out the Sunlight.

Denied access to an education that might expose

the Truth of their History or Her-story.

And cause them to Rebel and bring down those ‘false edifices’

That have been raised in ‘their name and for their benefit’



Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews.

Nailed to a Cross for his Dissenting Views.

Surely, more than a ‘cottage industry’ the manufacture of such crosses?

So many were Crucified.

We don’t even remember their names.

Who really received their pieces of Silver?

Was it Judas?

Or those that voted for the Death of a Socialist Rabbi

That held differing views?


A Red Star. A Hammer and Sickle

Uniting the Rural and Agricultural with the Scientific and Industrial

One in harmony with the other.

For the benefit of all.

For the Benefit of ALL.


The truisms held within of both were bastardised, perverted.

For the benefit of the few,

While the many lived lives that were “nasty, brutal and short”.


One can lead to a Theocracy.

A Religious Police State.

Where dissent can lead to Torture, Exile or Death.

A Religious Police State.

Where neighbour spies on neighbour.

One can’t be too careful, for there are heretics everywhere!

 But never mind. We’ll give you your ‘pieces of silver’.


The other could lead to a Political Police State.

Or  Capitalist Police State

Where dissent could lead to Torture, Exile and Death.

A Political Police State.

Where neighbour spies on neighbour.

One can’t be too careful, for there are heretics everywhere!



We’ll give you your ‘pieces of silver’.

The Free-Marketer’s and ‘Democrats’ shout

constantly and loudly that:

There are countless ‘Reds under the Bed’!

“Goddamned Commies are everywhere”!

Trying to take our wealth and freedoms.

If they become too Strong, why then,

“We’ll just Nuke the Bastards”!

So! Spy and Inform on your neighbour.

We’ll give you your ‘pieces of silver’.


Ideological Wars are fought directly or in proxy.

Sent by those they trust or fear.

Which is the Worst?

Which is Better?

Trust or Fear!

The masses trudge off to a meaningless death

In a Foreign Land of which they Know Nothing.

Under false banners that say what they do not mean.


Injunctions and Blockades are imposed by other ‘United Nations’.

On one side or another, does it matter?

Positions can change as fast or a slow as on a chess board.

Check and Check Mate, you Mother-Fucker!!!

What would J. C. and K. M. think?

Would they shake their heads?

At how much we have corrupted their thoughts and words.


Natural progress of Humanity till the Apocalypse?

The endless creation of a dysfunctional Nation-State?

Remember the Treaties, Westphalia, Paris, Rome,

 London, Washington, Potsdam is there no end to the secrets and lies

Built on the ruins of its predecessors?

Towards the Utopia that is still out of reach.

But, it’s just over the final hill if we do as we are told.




Strudel288 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Damn, guys. RTJDudek doesn't have shit of Sonrouge. I'm actually surprised they're not the same person...
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